Wedding Uplighting

Uplighting is the most popular type of wedding venue lighting. Whether your reception is in a ballroom, restaurant or tent, uplighting the walls is an affordable way to add color and character to the space. There are many different ways to uplight a venue. One option available is to uplight all of the walls in the entire space. Another option is to only uplight the architectural features. The uplighting can be achieved in several different ways, depending on what fits best for your overall theme. LED uplighting allows the ability to change color throughout the event.

All of our uplights are Wireless RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, and White) LEDs. In other words we can produce 4 trillion colors all without running cables all over the room. We can create staggered colors around the room by targeting every other, or every third light with a different color. Want to add some special effects when the dance floor opens? Our lights, can strobe, fade between colors, or even change colors to the beat of the music.

Looking for some extra flare, add our Dance Lights to your package.